The Catholic Trojan Class Gift Program

Congratulations! After graduation, your presence at the Catholic Center will be missed but your influence as a Catholic Trojan is just beginning! The food, programs, staff and much more, available to you during your tenure at USC was possible because of the generosity of alumni, parents and friends who wanted YOU to have a place to call home! We hope you will want others to have access to those same resources. Thank you for considering a pledge to the Catholic Trojan Class Gift!

FAQ's About the Catholic Trojan Class Gift Program

How do I get involved?
One way you can get involved is by becoming a class agent. The Class Gift Committee (Class Agents) is a group of vibrant, self-motivated and dedicated students who serve on behalf of their fellow classmates to design the perfect Class Gift project.
How much do I have to pledge?
The strength of the Class Gift Program is in the act of combining your pledge with your classmates' to make a larger impact. A $1,000 pledge can be paid out in smaller monthly installments of $20-40 and still have a significant impact on the ministry for years to come.
I want to make a pledge but can I delay the start date?
Yes! If you're about to graduate in May but can't start giving until September you can still pledge a monthly amount with a delayed start date for September.

Why Give?

Every year students graduate from USC with fond memories of their time on campus and with the parish community. As a way to honor those memories and to ensure the future of the trojan family, we give. "If I could find a way to forever serve those that come after me...that would be a legacy worth leaving." - Catholic Trojan Class Gift Participant